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Alejandro Santoyo is a World-Class, International Composer and Pianist, who has lived in the US, Europe, and Latin America. He began playing the piano by ear and composing when he was 7 years old and ever-since has developed a unique sound that evokes profound moods and images. Alejandro is an active performer, composer, and producer for different projects in the US and Internationally. 
His music has a very special energy that deeply penetrates, heals, and caresses your soul. It is very moving, gentle, and romantic. His passionate sounds and piano playing, combined with orchestral overtones, and emotional voices and choirs, gently flow into you and elevate that secret corner in your soul.
When you close our eyes and listen, his music simply takes you to another place...

  • Legends of Love4:18
  • Awakening4:02
  • Far Away so Close4:04


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